I just take a pebble

I just take a pebble and cast it into the sea. Into a dark sea of black waters.

Because they are the dark black smelly waters of the blind profit policies that are destroying the last lands of our dreams. Our dreams of freedom and of innocent life, the only last untamed tribes living in the last wilderness, such as those living in the Amazonia and Orinoco basins, in Borneo and in the deepest rainforests of Sumatra and New Guinea. It’s true, all these places are our last hope to save the destiny of this wonderful planet called World! Our home!

I just take a pebble to cast it against our politicians’ bronze faces, the real enemies of Humanity; I refer to the Humanity which wants to continue believing that there is a chance to look beyond profit, business, consumerism, mafia, international and national agreements for which people bear the burden, against people’s sovereignty, against the sentiment of the land, the land where we all live, the one which is  providing our food as well. 

What’s the matter? Can’t you hear the loud cries of the wilderness breaking the clouds of our indifference, of our insensibility, we are so distracted by the hectic life of consumers as an end in itself? Yet they are deafening cries that burn forests destroyed by the unstoppable fires set by unscrupulous mercenaries paid by corrupt politicians and financial companies enslaved by the spiral of capitalism at the end of its history. Yet they are the last feeble moans, the labored breathings by the untamed indios, the last ones still living with respect for life.

What’s the matter with you, friends? Can’t you fully understand the falsehoods and promises of a rich and prosperous future that is true only for those who pronounce these false words? The words of a Mister Bolsonaro, of a Mister Trump, of a Mister Putin and so on, or the ones of a rating agency that, behind abstruse calculations, decide the life and death of nations? 

Yet you could take control of your lives as you want if only you want; if you really and fully want it!

So it all depends on ourselves! Our lives, our freedom, our right to live in harmony and balance with the environment and nature just as the natives teach us!

That’s why we must save them! That’s why we must listen to them: to learn, to understand, to recover the sense of belonging to our land. This is the only way for our future; only when we will have fully learned how to take care of our land, how to handle the simple things of our everyday lives.

That’s my pebble!

That’s all folks!

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